Welcome to Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau. Founded in 1977, RMCB is a leading recovery agency for consumer and commercial collections. RMCB is one of the nations top agencies managing over $1BN in annual receivables for a diverse client-case.

RMCB consistently works towards a strong foundation with each client right from the beginning. You will quickly realize that RMCB is looking to build lasting partnerships with all of our clients. In the course of our three-plus decades of experience we have developed a recovery process, which ensures top-level results and top-quality service.

Some of the markets we service consist of major national creditors including the Medical Industry, Telecom, Direct Marketers, Debt Buyers and Brokers, Distributors and Manufacturers, Banks, Retail, Service, Transportation, and many moreā€¦

We specialize in working with the debtor to help them recognize the legitimacy of the debt and then work toward a solution that recovers the debt and allows the debtor to return their credit back to a status that is deemed acceptable by all lenders and creditors.

We adhere to the rules of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and are a prominent member of ACA International, we offer services that follow all of the ethical guidelines expected from a recovery agency.

Our method of recovery includes some very unique approaches to time tested processes. Please contact RMCB today and receive your FREE 10-Point Portfolio Assessment, which will help determine a strategy that would make sense for both entities.
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