An Industry Leader

Founded in 1977, RMCB is the leading recovery agency for Consumer collections. We are one of the Nation’s top high volume lower balance agencies managing over $1BN in annual receivables for a diverse client base. Our employees are trained to provide the highest level of service while delivering the highest recovery rates to our clients.

Our Benefits

State of The Art

We offer state-of-the-art call centers. We also offer convenient on-line payment options, so your Consumers can pay by credit card or by check.

Maximum Impact

Our employees are trained to provide the highest level of service to your company while achieving the maximum collection results.

Time Tested

Our 35+ years of experience servicing clients in multiple industries has allowed us to identify time tested strategies utilizing some unique methods of recovery.

Our Work Process

Utilizing our own customized letter-writing process, we currently print and mail millions of pieces of correspondence on behalf of our clients each year.

Our dunning process is unique simply because we understand that a tailor-made letter series does have a significant impact on overall collection performance. Our letter series works in conjunction with our phone efforts to complement every out-bound call we make.

Our state of the art call centers have all the necessary tools for success in recovery. We utilize cutting-edge technology and proprietary software, as well as, offer some of the most comprehensive training programs for our collectors. RMCB utilizes every resource available in the industry today. We have partnerships with some of the most prominent Information Service Providers in the Country.

RMCB utilizes advanced and intelligent data analytics to optimize collection results. This enables us to study trends and identify anomalies unique to your customers, which ultimately lead to higher recovery rates.

Our Best Skills

Direct Marketing
Electronic Toll Collection
Subscription Services
Telecom / Utilities
Debt Buyer Servicing